Entertainment Tonight Gold LED Neon Sign
Entertainment Tonight Gold LED Neon Sign
November 6, 2020
Screen printing vs silk screen?
November 6, 2020
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We are accepting #Bitcoins #Etherum and #Litecoin on #ScreenPrintingStudio


You have now the option of using your #Bitcoins #Etherums or #Litecoins at #ScreenPrintingStudio!

Don’t worry, we still accept all major credit/debit cards and #PayPal, but we also see a bright future for #Bitcoins, #Etherum and #Litecoin, new peer-to-peer digital currencies, so we added these payment methods too.

All items will still be priced in US Dollars, but at the checkout our system will calculate and display the current #Bitcoin/Etherum/Litecoin value of your order.

Note that because the value of this #Cryptocurrencies fluctuates this means that their value of your order, that see at the checkout, will only be valid for right now; if you come back to the checkout tomorrow their value will be different.

How do I pay with Bitcoins, Etherums or Litecoins?

If you are new to cryptocurrencies, the first thing you want to do is get yourself a “wallet”. A #BitcoinWallet #EtherumWallet or #LitecoinWallet, are just programs that runs on your computer or on the cloud to keep your #Digitalcoins in.

We suggest that to be able to handle your cryptocurrencies from one single place to use the #ExodusWallet because of the many advantages that it offers, Download it from here: https://www.exodus.io

Or, just go and create a free account at #CoinBase (https://coinbase.com) and you will be able to manage your coins right there.

If you create an account at #CoinBase, then you will be ready to get some bitcoins, etherums or litecoins.

Once you have your bitcoins, etherums or litecoins in your wallet, then you will be use them at Screen Printing Studio on the checkout, our Bitcoin address will be showed on the checkout process. Open up your CoinBase account and then click the “Send” tab. Enter our bitcoin or etherum or litecoin address and the amount of them that you were shown at the checkout. Click “Send” in Coinbase, then just follow the instructions to accomplish your order and that’s it.

Now sit back and wait for your apparel to arrive!

Originally posted 2018-05-12 04:28:58.