Thank you for choosing to share balloons during this time of physical distance.

If we can't make a delivery due to changing laws or facility restrictions, we will let you know and give you the option to reschedule, change the delivery address, or cancel.


We will be scheduling non-contact deliveries whenever possible. For all deliveries, we will contact the recipient or a contact at the delivery destination to confirm the delivery details before preparing the order.

We will notify you in the event that we are unable to make contact with someone at the delivery destination or if the receiving facility is unable to accept balloons.

Someone must be available at the delivery location to receive the balloons at the time we deliver. If the balloons need to be delivered outside, we will confirm that someone will be available to bring the balloons indoors.


We will take prompt action to address service issues that are reported no later than 3 days after delivery. After this deadline, no replacements, refunds, or credits will be issued. In order for us to provide a replacement or refund, we require that a photograph of balloons reported as defective be emailed to info@callsaul.us with a note providing the order number.


We are unable to provide an anonymous delivery service. In cases where a signature is not provided on the greeting card which accompanies an order, we will reveal the name of the sender to the recipient if requested.


Because special procedures are required for residential deliveries, we are unable to provide a surprise delivery service. Our balloons must be accepted by someone at the residence, in person. Balloons cannot be dropped off and left unattended, even if such a request is submitted with the order.

Our local dispatcher may call the recipient to confirm that the doorman is capable of accepting and storing a large package.

We will call the residence and arrange a delivery time when someone is able to be at the residence to accept the order. For most orders, this call will be made by late morning on the delivery date or the day prior to delivery (with same-day orders, the call may be made later in the afternoon on the delivery date). If we are unable to reach someone by phone, we will leave a call-back number. We will not proceed until contact is made. The delivery arrival time will be contingent on when the recipient returns our call and maybe later than the order's posted deadline. If it becomes apparent that we will not be able to complete delivery on the scheduled delivery date because we were not successful in coordinating a delivery time, the customer will be contacted and may elect to cancel the order without a cancellation fee or to reschedule the delivery for the following day without an additional charge.

Special delivery time frames, which are offered in some cities, are intended for orders going to doorman residences. For non-doorman residences, a standard time frame should be selected. The standard time frames in most cities are:

8 am to 2 pm
9 am to 3 pm
10 am to 4 pm

Whether or not the order is actually delivered during the selected time frame depends on the delivery time which is arranged during our telephone conversation with someone at the residence. The delivery time which is established during this call takes priority over the time frame posted on the order.

If the aforementioned procedures have been used and no one is available to accept a delivery when we arrive, the order will be returned to the branch office handling the order and the sender will be notified. In such cases, an additional delivery charge will apply to complete the delivery. Undeliverable orders will not be refunded.

We welcome school deliveries if the school permits balloons to be delivered. Schools that permit balloon deliveries require that the balloons be held at the front office. Delivering to students in class is not permitted. Before placing your order, please contact the school and ensure that the order will be accepted by the front office. It is also important to confirm that the office will accept responsibility for advising the student that balloons are waiting for them at the front office.

Some schools permit the delivery of only mylar balloons, due to latex allergies. Please check to see if this restriction is applicable before placing your order, and make your selection accordingly. We offer many mylar balloon arrangements for all occasions.

We welcome on-campus deliveries to college students, however, delivering to students in class is not permitted. Balloon deliveries are usually made to a central mailroom, however, deliveries to dormitories can be made if the dormitory is open to the public and a receptionist can accept the order on the student's behalf. Please contact the school to learn which location is best in your case. Provide us with as many delivery details as possible, including a cell number that will allow us to alert the student once we have completed the delivery. While we will attempt to contact the student, getting through can be a problem and is not a guaranteed part of our service. The sender is responsible for contacting the mailroom staff and ensuring they contact the student. Call Saul accepts no liability if the student does not pick up the order from the mailroom.

4. HOTEL DELIVERIES (Balloon Bouquet Delivery)
For security reasons, we are unable to deliver balloons directly to the room of a guest. All hotel deliveries for guests are left with the concierge, the front desk, bell desk, or the loading dock, depending on the hotel's policy. It is the customer's responsibility to contact the hotel and ensure that their order is delivered to the guest by the hotel. Once the balloons have been delivered to the hotel, Call Saul considers the delivery successfully completed. Because several hotel staff members can get involved in transferring the balloons from one part of the hotel to another, we accept no responsibility for balloons damaged or misplaced during such transits. Customers should anticipate that the balloons may become tangled during this transit and be prepared to remove the balloons from their weight, untangle the ribbons, remove damaged balloons, arrange the remaining balloons, then re-attach the ribbons to the weight.

The aforementioned policy DOES NOT apply to balloons being used for large special events. Please call Call Saul for details.

There are many corporate, research, and military facilities with restricted access, where we must leave the balloons with a receptionist, mail clerk, or security staff. Please provide a work or cell number for the recipient that will allow us to advise them that a delivery is waiting for pick-up. If we are unable to make phone contact with the recipient, we will leave the balloons with the proper authorities. Please place your order with the understanding that once we have made the delivery to the required location in a restricted facility, completion of the delivery is the responsibility of the party accepting the order.

Hospital policies vary and it may not be possible for our staff to make a delivery directly to the room of the patient. Many hospitals require that the balloons be dropped off at a security station, from which the balloons are delivered to the patient by the hospital staff. The staff may need to delay the delivery to the patient for any number of reasons. Please feel free to contact our main dispatch center if you have a concern about the status of your order.

Call Saul's procedure is to contact the hospital prior to delivery and confirm that the recipient is still admitted and permitted to receive balloons. Customers will be contacted if the order cannot be delivered. At this point, the order can be canceled and refunded.

If we are cleared by the hospital to proceed with the delivery, but the patient is subsequently discharged prior to our arrival, two options become available — 1) The order can be delivered to another local address for an additional delivery charge, or 2) The order cannot be delivered and must be canceled. In this case, no refund will be issued.

Latex balloons are banned from all hospitals due to latex allergy issues. Mylar (foil) balloons are usually acceptable. However, in some cases, a particular patient may not be able to receive balloons of any type. Customers should contact the hospital for approval before sending balloons to a patient.


The following hospitals do not permit balloon deliveries, of any type: