Virus Removal Services.

With Internet comes the real threat of viruses, malwares and outside intruders hacking into your system. I can help to protect your personal computers from the undesirable elements on the World Wide Web. I am an expert at removing unneeded programs and malwares from your system, keeping your virus definitions up to date and making backups of your important files. These maintenance measures are the computer equivalent of flossing: you know you should do them, but do you? We’ll help you come up with a painless plan to help you keep your system running as smoothly as possible and avoid major problems down the line.

Virus Protection.

I can set you up with anti-virus software to ensure that even the newest viruses, worms and Trojan horses won’t find their way onto your system to destroy files or disable your computer. I’ll show you how to keep your security up-to-date, so you won’t have to worry about new threats popping up.

Personal Firewall

A personal firewall stops hackers from breaking into your computer and protects your personal information from online theft. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your Internet connections are secure.

Parental and Privacy Controls

Are you concerned about what your kids are seeing on the internet? Geeks Zone can work with you to set up parental controls and web monitoring or blocking software to protect your family from unsuitable content. Also, we can set you up with security tools to help you keep your credit card number and other personal information private while you’re online.